Gosti Group

Gosti Group is a large holding that unites interesting projects of city cafés, cozy restaurants and a charming place offering new insights on Georgian gastronomical traditions.

‘Gosti’ (a Russian word for ‘guests’) is not just an idea symbolically taken out in the name of our holding. It actually reflects the concept of all our places, i.e. we do the best for our guests to feel kindly welcome and exceptionally well-treated in each of the restaurants. The architecture and interiors of our restaurants, excellent author’s dishes and heart-warming family atmosphere – all these things masterly contribute to the philosophy of hospitality we keep to. Undoubtedly, Gosti Group guests will remember our restaurants located in the heart of Gorki Gorod resort for the breathtaking panoramas all year round, ideal open terraces with vivid and picturesque views, solid wooden furniture and exquisite authentic décor. Visiting our city café in the center of the resort, our guests will surely get a fine appreciation of the pulse of modern Sochi and the beat of the sea.

Still, the first fiddle in Gosti Group coastal and mountain restaurants is played by our cuisine. The founders of the project have skillfully mastered the gastronomical map around the location of each place in such a delicate manner that gourmets fully experience the sense of delight. The widest range of meat cooked on the fire, Black Sea seafood delicacies, and the best reference samples of Caucasian cuisine are unconditional must-eat dishes in the restaurants of the holding. European cuisine, dishes grilled in Josper ovens and the best wines from every corner of the world – we guarantee our guests an unforgettable meal in our city cafés. You are welcome to choose a format of your meal up to your taste: all Gosti Group restaurants are a perfect choice, both for a romantic candlelight dinner and a celebration of special magnificence.