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Located in a picturesque place of Krasnaya Polyana, our meat restaurant Gosti +540 offers its guests a spacious main hall with huge panoramic windows, a modern interior and a spacious summer terrace with stunningly amazing views of the mountain ranges! Unforgettable gastronomic experience at Gosti +540 is provided by the excellent cuisine, which has incorporated the best of what the cooks of the Caucasus and Europe could offer.

Gosti +540 décor has been inspired by nature itself. Located at the foot of Aibga Mountain, in the heart of the Gorki Gorod resort, it is not only about crystal clean mountain air and breathtaking panoramas all year round; it also brings a very special attitude to each meal in the circle of friends or family. The restaurant’s interior only enhances these sensations. Solid wooden furniture in the style of high alpine pubs, subtle tones and textures, authentic décor items in combination with fascinating landscapes give guests a special atmosphere.

The author’s variations of dishes with fish and shellfish from European cuisine reinforce the delight of visiting our restaurant. Local trout, Black Sea flounder, mussels in wine – all these items are definitely the must-eat dishes for those who want to enjoy the most exquisite and delicious seafood in Krasnaya Polyana. Guests who prefer meat dishes will appreciate our perfectly roasted steaks, the best in Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi. Enjoy a glass of cool white, viscous red, or sparkling wine to experience the delicate aftertaste of the meal. Wine connoisseurs will certainly appreciate the impressive collection of the restaurant, which includes about 50 original positions from every corner of the world. The choice is difficult, but very pleasant!

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Кафе Гости 540
Esto-Sadok, Gornaya Karusel street, 4
Opening hours 11:00 до 24:00