Georgian cuisine restaurant

Caucasian cuisine is a must-eat for all the residents and guests of the resort. Especially cooked in such an exquisite way as we do in our restaurants! The Caucasian restaurant stands out for its diligent attitude to the details – where else can you enjoy the taste of duck dishes cooked in the smokehouse? Every dish we offer is a masterpiece created to excite and inspire. While designing our menu, we followed all the traditions of the Georgian cuisine: excellent meat and vegetables on charcoal, traditional lobio, fried suluguni, satsivi and many other familiar dishes originating from Georgia. And, of course, there’s also a modern twist: be sure to try the Bijo Burger from our Chef. For sure, this unforgettable dish will become one of your most pleasant gastronomic memories ever!

Pay attention to the restaurant’s bar chart – among the wide selection of both alcoholic and soft beverages, there are many homemade tinctures, compotes prepared according to original recipes, a variety of Georgian wines and chachas, as well as teas from blends of herbs and berries of Krasnaya Polyana.

It is impossible not to note the interior of the restaurant, filled with coziness and comfort, – there are no sheep’s fur coats, but there is authentic tableware brought from Georgia, tables made of real wooden log cabins, and a chic panel with national motifs.

As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words! So, come to visit Gostidze restaurant, sit down at a table on the summer terrace with a picturesque view of the Caucasus ridges and try a portion of lamb chakapuli with a glass of Tsinandali wine to experience one of the best Caucasian restaurants in Krasnaya Polyana. ?

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Gostidze restaurant
Esto-Sadok, Gornaya Karusel street, 4
8 (862) 295-65-44
Opening hours 11:00 до 0:00